For many years, winemakers have relied upon their sense of sight, taste and smell to determine wine quality. With the development of chemical technology and analysis, we have greater understanding of the chemical characteristics and composition of wines. Today, the physical, chemical and sensory analysis of wines is vital for quality control. Every aspect of wine production can be controlled to reduce spoilage and ensure consistency.

Some constituents of wine are controlled by legislation including alcohol, sulphur dioxide and acidity, all of which require accurate analytical results.

Most vintners rely on parameters such as pH, total acidity, volatile acidity and % alcohol to monitor the quality of wine.

Investment in regular analysis can save a great deal of money in lost sales.

We can offer a full range of cost effective services to ensure quality assurance on your annual harvest.


  • Sugar levels
  • Nitrogen levels
  • Final quality to end product
  • Troubleshooting
  • Compliance to preservative legislation
  • Improved shelf life
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