As more and more water is being piped across the UK, consistency of quality is paramount in all beverage manufacture. Whether that is in flavour, body or mouth feel in the final product or hygiene throughout your plant.

With the aid of our new laboratory, we can provide you with an up to date, detailed report showing exactly what is in your water. Water reports from local water authorities can sometimes be from a certain period in the year. We can provide analysis on your water as it comes out of the tap enabling you to be on top of the quality of water you are receiving.

There are two types of water analysis we can carry out:

Brewing Liquor

When we test water for brewing with the following analytes are measured:

pH Used as a measurement in alkalinity
Alkalinity (as CaCO3) Level of carbonate in your water (Hard Vs Soft)
Nitrate Indicator of nitrates in your supply can lead to the promotion of Nitrosamines
Calcium The most important ion in brewing, essential for many processes in brewing
Chloride Body and sweetness in the final beer
Sulphate Texture and mouth feel in the final beer
Magnesium Trace element, useful during fermentation, laxative effect also if too high

By providing you with the results from these analytes you will have all the information you need to turn your beer into great beer.

General Water Analysis

We can also test for other various ions analysed by many local water authorities by using a combination if ICP-OES and HPLC techniques, tests include:

  • Many elements from the periodic table found in water supplies
  • Coliforms, Yeast and Moulds etc
  • Heavy metal concentrations to enable you have a water supply that conforms to legislation when used in the food chain
  • Testing of bore hole samples to ensure a stable supply, historical data collection etc
  • Pesticide analysis
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