Murphy and Son have invested substantially over the last 12 months in order to offer a full range of due diligence packages including offering advice on Cost, Quality and Efficiency (CQE). How can we save you money? How can we improve your quality? How can we make your plant more efficient?

We can also assist in development of new and existing product ranges.

Murphy & Son Laboratories are the one stop shop for Due Diligence Testing.We can offer advice when results are not as you anticipate and we can perform full brewery audits to ensure you have control over cost, quality and efficiency.

For further help and advice please contact our laboratory on or +44 (0) 115 978 5494

Murphy and Son Laboratories offer you, the brewer a full range of laboratory tests to ensure consistency of product, quality of beer, due diligence for supermarket and export sales, and peace of mind in the Brewhouse.


  • ABV by distillation
  • Beer clarity
  • Improved shelf life
  • Aids compliance with regulation
  • Consistent quality

Regulation and Legislation

In order to ensure that you meet your legal and Quality obligations it is essential that routine tests are carried out to ensure that you can demonstrate ‘Due Diligence’.

Customs and Excise require all beer to have the alcohol calculated, but the calculation should be checked a minimum of once per year to confirm consistency with calculated results’.

This should be done by distillation.

Sulphur Dioxide should be checked to ensure that legal limits are not exceeded.

The UK limits for Cask conditioned beer are 50ppm and 20ppm for Keg beer. Wine and Cider also have legal limits.

Sulphur Dioxide level above 10ppm should be labelled (in small pack) under the allergen labeling regulations.

There are several Food Regulations that are pertinent to Beer:

Food Safety Act 1990 – this states that food (including alcoholic beverages)...must be of the nature, substance or quality expected by the consumer AND that the business must prove they took all reasonable precautions and exercised Due Diligence.

As part of the requirements of the Food Safety Act and subsequent Regulations (Food Hygiene Regulations – EU 852/2004 and UK SI2006/14) a HACCP Plan is required to be  undertaken and controls put in place to ensure that HACCP Critical Control Points (CCP’s) are being monitored.

4 Research & Analysis 5

Are you meeting the requirements?

Murphy & Son Ltd can help you ensure you meet your Legal obligations in testing raw materials and finished products to comply with the Due Diligence program you have in place. A typical Due Diligence program for Raw Materials would include:

Malt – ATNC/NDMA, Mycotoxins, pesticide residues. These would be tested every 12 months.

Hops – Pesticide residues – To be tested every 12 Months.

Final Beer – ABV, SO2, heavy metals, ATNC/NDMA, Mycotoxins, pesticides residues, Benzene (if using CO2).

To be tested every 12 Months.


Yeast – Viability, Contamination analysis (bacteria, wild yeast and moulds) – dependent upon yeast strain.

Spent Grains – Salmonella, Heavy Metals – Every 6 months.

Also checks should be carried out periodically for: Colour, Bitterness, pH, shelf life predictions, bacterial and wild yeast contamination for ensuring consistency and conformity to

Additional tests may be required if you are supplying Supermarkets or Exporting beer to other countries.

Quality systems such as ISO9000, BRC or SALSA would all require routine testing to be carried out to ensure consistency and conformity to the specification.

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